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A lot of careful research  and planning goes into formulating our face oils . We use natural and where possible organic ingredients as the base to all our skincare. Our formulation process is two fold.

First we look into the scientific research and claims behind the ingredients that we are incorporating  into the formulation, carefully assessing how they work alone and with the other ingredients in the formula .

Next we turn to aromatherapy and  research which  essential oils  work synergistically to target the  skin concern that we have in mind for that product and its effect on the mood. All our products are free from artificial scents, we only use essential oils distilled from the bark, root and flower of plants.

 We then test and trial each product and blend until satisfied and then have them assessed by a Cosmetic Chemist who certifies that they are skin safe and all ingredients and within safe limits.


Our first offering  when we launched in 2018  was our range of Botanical  face oils :

  • Organic Rosehip
  • Lumina  (normal to combination skin)
  • Revive( dry to very dry skin)
  • Balance (oily acne prone to oily/combination)

These are formulated to work on the skin by delivering nutrients in a potent and bio available form to target specific  skin concerns. They are blended and infused  so that they are lightweight and easily absorbed into the layers of the skin whilst leaving behind a light scent that is beneficial for your mind and emotions.

These can  also easily  be incorporated into your existing skincare routine and can be paired with your favorite products.


Our Rosehip

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Our Organic rosehip which we source  from organic growers  in  Argentina (Chile) or Bulgaria forms the base of all our face oils. We do not dilute our face oils with filler ingredients. Each ingredient is active and potent and carefully chosen for its benefits.

Organic Rosehip  It is truly a miracle worker due to its unique nutrient profile, this is why it is the base of all the face oils we make.  Its main advantage is that it works on all skin types, even for oily and acne prone skin where it calms inflammation and speeds up healing.

We also love the orange-red colour that rosehip has as this indicates a high level of Beta-carotenoids and that the oil hasn't been bleached during extraction.

Rosehip oil  contains a number of important  anti inflammatory compounds and antioxidants (including Vitamin C,  vitamin E, and beta carotene ( which gives it its red-orange colour ) that are beneficial to the health and protection of your skin.vitamin C is also known for its ability to fade dark marks and spots and also brighten dull skin.

We have received emails from our customers about visible skin transformation they have seen since incorporating organic rosehip into their routine.

Organic Rosehip is our most used ingredient which we use in 9 of our products across our range including our face oils and balms. We sell over 100 litres of our rosehip oil annually.

Our face oils work by travelling into the layers of the skin ,nourishing the skin cells ,triggering collagen production  { through the action of trans-retinoic acid} . Transretionic acid is a key player in skin  heaing and regeration . Organic Rosehip is also known for speeding up skin cell regeneration meaning smooth, clear, glowing skin.

Each face oil is blended with botanical actives and essential oils, carefully tested and researched for their efficacy and action on the skin. We test not  only for their beautiful colors and scents but also for their action on the skin and  how the scent affects the mood.

  • Organic Rosehip -    no scent Sensitive skin/ all rounder
  • Lumina - Pomegrante oil. Geranium, Orange, Ginger
  • Revive- Omani Frankincense ,Avocado, Sea Buckthorn, Broccoli seed.
  • Balance - Tamanu, Seabuckthorn, Lavender.

  • A lot of people initially are skeptical about putting an oil on their face , we recommend if you are new to using face oils, use them every other day for the first few weeks until your skin adapts.

    We have notice with continued use, there is a marked difference in elasticity , radiance and hydration levels of the skin.

    Face oils from a light occlusive layer that seals moisture into the skin,  preventing Trans-epidermal water loss. For you, this  means that your skin holds in moisture for longer period of time . The good thing about using a face oil is that it can be layered underneath a moisturizer or mixed into favorite moisturizer to boost its action.

    We recommend keeping a skincare journal and drinking lots of water as you transition to a natural skincare routine to allow your skin to be nourished and supported  both internally  and externally.

    Best Wishes

    The Vetivert&Co Studio.

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