Meet the Founder, Aanu

Vetivert&co, Founder.

Founded in 2018,  Vetivert&Co was birthed from a curiosity of how the mind and emotions affects the skin and its health. The skin is our largest organ and one of the most visible indicators of the body's health. My teenage (and ongoing) struggle with acne and acne scars led me to research natural remedies to aid skincare and health and has since become a passion of mine. 

Vetivert and Co was started on a market stall at Old Spitalfields Market, London selling handmade soaps and oils and we have since grown from there. Many of our customers met me over the years at the Vetivert and Co stand at the spitalfields market which we have sadly had to close due to the Covid-19 Outbreak.

We use purely natural and where possible organic ingredients to manufacture our skincare products making sure that only the best raw and natural ingredients are used to create the products that you buy from us. Vetiver Root oil, hailing from Java is known as the oil of tranquliity in aromatherapy, which suits the ethos of our brand.

The main ingredient used in our skincare products is Organic rosehip oil which is carefully sourced from soil association certified suppliers. Using rosehip oil daily has transformed my skin and aided my recovery from cystic acne and scarring and I have fallen in love with the oil.

Our products combine ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy  with the principles aromatherapy in which naturally derived scents are used to support the emotions . Our main focus is healing and nourishing the skin and calming the mind through the use of naturally derived ingredients and scents. 

I personally formulate all the products we sell. I enjoy the technical aspects of the product formulation process , which includes trying out different combinations of ingredients, trying them out on myself and willing friends and family before we execute the final manufacturing and production.

The  products I currently use the most from our range are:

  • The Neroli hand & Body wash
  • Organic Rosehip oil,
  • Balance botanical face oil
  • Lumina Botanical face oil 
  • Spiced rose hand & body lotion.
  • Elemi & Vetivert 'Destress' Aromatherapy Body Oil

It can sometimes take months for a product to go from an idea to reality and the process requires lots of constant revision and re-evaluation.

I hope you enjoy using the products as much as I enjoy creating them. My intention is that our products become a part of your daily routine , allowing you to create moments where you feel present and tranquil through out your day.


Aanu Oduyemi.


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