Balance Botanical Face oil


Calm Troubled Skin with our Blend of  Tamanu, Lavender, and Organic Rosehip. Balance contains a Blend of Active and potent oils to calm troubled skin, speed up citration and wound healing and also deliver nutrients to your skin in a lightweight and easily absorbed formula.


30ml./1.0 fl 0z.


This oil balances  excess oil production by delivering active vitamins and nutrient which repair and protect the skin and balance oil production. 

Balance contains the following skin actives which work synergistically   to repair, and heal oily and acne prone skin.

Key Actives:

Tamanu Oil- Tamanu oil is rich in antimicrobial and natural anti-inflammatory compounds  which speed up the rate of wound healing and trigger cell regeneration.

Organic Rosehip- A powerhouse of skin repairing and nourishing nutrients which repair, balance and deliver omega fats to your skin. Can aid in the fading of scars and marks left my acne

Pomegranate Seed oil- A deeply nourishing  Anti-oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory oil which can be beneficial for skin prone to break to breakouts and acne.  It leaves your skin looking glowy without greasiness

Lavender Essential Oil- Naturally Astringent  floral oil which has natural astrigent Properties.

Sea buckthorn fruit oil- Seabuckthorn is a lovely red-orange deeply hued oil, full of anti-oxidants which buffer your skin against environmental damage.



Place 3-4 drops of the oil into your palms and rub together to slightly warm up the oil, Press into your skin until fully absorbed. Allow to wonderful blend of oils to calm your mind. 

You can layer Balance underneath a moisturiser.

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