What is Vetivert?

Vetivert Essential oil , native to Sri Lanka and Haiti is known as the Oil of Tranquility.  It is a deep aromatic oil with a characteristic  scent that is reminiscent of bitter chocolate, wood, and smoke. Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots of  dried Vetivert grass.



Vetivert  is often used in Perfumery  and aromatherapy  as a base note. . It blends beautifully with Citrus and Floral Notes such as lemon, Jasmine and Geranium.


Vetivert oil is one of the few essential oils that improves with age. Vetivert is a thick, viscous amber coloured liquid that thins out when warmed.  As it ages, the colour becomes deeper and the unique scent intensifies.

In Aromatherapy, Vetivert is said to induce relaxation and tranquility of mind. It is useful in cases of insomnia, hyperactivity and stress.  Topically, Vetivert oil is also great for improving skin elasticity promoting skin cell regeneration which makes it useful for treating scars, dryness and skin dehydration and improving signs of ageing .

Vetivert can be used various blends with other essential oils to create your own personal relaxation blend for your body and your home.

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